One Stop Solution

Braslm Media Entertainment provides Start to End Solution for movie theatre set up (Multiplex/Miniplex/Cineplex) Including Pre & Post Launch services PAN India. Architectural, Civil work, MEP, Acoustic, Chair, Sound, Screens, Projection, Liasoning, Ticketing, Canteen, Interior, Programming, Marketing, branding, Staff hiring & training, Distributor tie up, Operations & Management, Cinema running etc.

What is the meaning of Miniplex?

Small Movie Theater with less number of chairs per screen that comes under Video license category, capacity can’t exceed 125 seats and in some states 75 seats. It will have small size but the facilities could be the same compare to multiplex. There is entertainment benefit in some states too.

What is the meaning of Cineplex?

A single screen theatre is called Cineplex. It could be a cinema or video license.

What is the meaning of Multiplex?

More than one screen theatre is called Multiplex (In some states more than two screen with certain number of seats).

What is the meaning of Drive in theater?

A drive-in theater is a cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars. Movie’s sound individual speaker hung from the window of each car, broadcasting the soundtrack at a low output power on AM or FM radio to be picked up by a car radio or through high fidelity stereo installed in the car.

Where can we open cinema hall in India?

You can open cinema hall in any part of India. Need to do proper analysis to get the feasibility and potential of the locality. We provide pre & post analysis services to get appropriate report.

Do I need to hire consultant to build Movie Theater?

There are many departments involved to start a Movie Theatre and that requires expertise. Consultant will provide you one stop solution for complete project which will ease your work technically. There were many examples where Cinema license was not given due to violation of the building rules.

What are all legal issues need to address before planning any Movie Theater?

You must have commercial land then get your architectural design passed from local authorities like Municipal, Towm Planner, PWD, fire, health, airport, electricity, traffic, police, environment departments etc (Number of NOCs vary from area to area).

Do you help in liasioning and NOCs?

We provide assistance (all documents) to get all NOCs from local authorities but in the case of cinema hall license we get it done. This is our responsibility to build your Cinema Hall as per the government norms.

Do you provide cinema hall consultancy all over India?

We provide “one stop solution services” (from analysis,construction to operation) PAN India as we have access in every corner of India.

Will my cinema hall get latest movie on first show?

Yes, your theatre will be receiving movie “first day first show ” through satellite or hard disk.

Should I go for any brand or start my own Movie Theater?

If you can devote some time to this business then it will be managed as per our operation & management training otherwise It’s better to give your Movie theater on lease basis and concentrate on cashing the foot falls generated by cinema hall to recover maximum by leasing/selling out your complex space.

We also take cinema halls on lease (Rent/Revenue share basis) in the name of “HAMWE CINEMA”.

Minimum budget/cost/investment required opening a Cinema hall/Movie theater?

Budget/Cost/Investment totally depends on the quality work, location and competition. On an average it will require minimum INR 60 Lac (sixty lakh).

How can your company help me?

We will set up your Multiplex/Cineplex/Miniplex (as per our service section) with the minimum cost compare to any in the market. We can also run your cinema on fix or profit sharing basis (for operation & management only). Our motto is to provide you maximum return. We do pre analysis to fix the investment and break-even point. We are “one stop solution” provider for Cinema Hall Industry.

How many years will it take to recover my investment?

It’s completely depending upon the quality & investment but in general we try to keep breakeven point less than 3 years.

Earning sources of Cinema hall business?

There are many ways to get return: Box office collection, Concession (canteen), Parking, On-off screen advertisements, Marketing etc.

How Does Your Company Fix The Budget And Quality?

We have certain steps to follow before finalising budget and quality:

(a)  Analysis:  First of all we do the business and technical analysis of the area to find the potential and paying capacity.

(b) Discussion: Final discussion with client on analysis report to make them understand about cinema hall business and ROI (Return on investment) .

(c) BOQ (Bill Of Quantities): On the basis of our designs we prepare BOQ for each and every departments to fix our quality, quantity & pricing.

How do I run cinema hall as hardly get time during the day?

It’s all computerized now so, no need to sit all the time at cinema hall to run this business. With the help of latest technology you can access your account from anywhere in the world. You will have to have meeting with theatre manager once in a week. At the end it’s business and you will have to devote some time.

Do I need to buy new projector?

Not necessary, we suggest to get projector on rent to minimize the cost of maintenance as updates keeps on coming that increases the maintenance cost. Companies provide one stand by projector plus maintenance on yearly basis which removes our burden over projection.

What is the difference between 4K and 2K projection?

“4K” is the term used to describe images that have approximately 4K vertical lines. In digital cinema, a 4K image with a 2.39:1 (“scope”) aspect ratio is delivered having 4096 x 1716 pixels. A 4K image with a 1.85:1 (“flat”) aspect ratio is delivered having 3996 x 2160 pixels.

“2K” is the term used to describe images that have approximately 2K vertical lines. In digital cinema, a 2K image with a 2.39:1 (“scope”) aspect ratio is delivered having 2048 x 858 pixels. A 2K image with a 1.85:1 (“flat”) aspect ratio is delivered having 1998 x 1080 pixels.

What is DCI?

DCI is the abbreviation for Digital Cinema Initiatives, an organization whose owners are the six major motion picture studios (the same six studios that also comprise the MPAA).

How will I do tie up with any Cinema hall brand?

Yes, As far as Cinema Hall brand is concerned we have our own band “HAMWE CINEMA”. We take Movie Theater on lease/rent/revenue share basis PAN India

Minimum carpet area required for Cinema hall?

To set up a Cinema Hall you need to have at least 3K (three thousands) sq ft carpet area.

From where do we get movies on regular basis?

Producer makes movie – Distributor distribute – Exhibitor shows.Need to have very good relation with your local distributors to get movies on regular basis.

Do you help in location hunting also?

Yes, we do technical, demographical and geographical analysis of the area to find out market potential.