Home Movie Theater

One Stop Solution

Braslm Media Entertainment provides Start to End Solution for movie theatre set up (Multiplex/Miniplex/Cineplex) Including Pre & Post Launch services PAN India. Architectural, Civil work, MEP, Acoustic, Chair, Sound, Screens, Projection, Liasoning, Ticketing, Canteen, Interior, Programming, Marketing, branding, Staff hiring & training, Distributor tie up, Operations & Management, Cinema running etc.

Turnkey Solution For Home Movie Theater set up:

Home movie theatre concept represents a Mini cinema hall infrastructure at home that somehow creates an illusion of sitting in movie theatre. To create movie theatre environment at home a customised Home Theatre cinema requires these elements:

Sound – Hear the music, sound effects and dialogue not just from the screen, but all around you

Screen – Big size gain screen for maximum brightness and clarity

Projector – Non DCI or 2K & 4k projector for better resolution

Acoustic – Sound proofing acoustical insulation for crisp and immersive sound quality

Chair – Sofa & recliners chairs with multiple features installed to experience premium class comfort

Carpet – Acoustical fire rated installation with foam underlay for smoothness and maintenance free environment

Ceiling – Acoustical fall ceiling tiles for sound quality and interior look

Lighting – To enhance interior look and feel

HVAC – Environment friendly centralised cooling and heating system for